Saturday, 24 January 2015

Im Back

Wah, So long no update this Blog.  So think think i should update abit.  Alot had happen I breed snakes, I sell, I keep as hold back an so on. Also, I'm taking time off breeding Corn snakes. Malas eh.
The weather in Brunei Nowadays not helping. Its cold till some of my Ball python got sick. Adui.

Here is some of the ball python that I had breed and keep as hold back

Vanilla Jigsaw Het Orange Ghost
Pair of BEL(damn This Combo, Took me almost 4years to get it)

Some other more which i will upload it sometimes later. Meanwhile with this raining n cold weather in Brunei. Some of my snakes get sick.
Cinny Female that got sick because of RI( Notice some mucous on her Mouth) 

BEL. She look dead isnt it?

 Is she dead? She is Sick too
Well The BEL i tought she is dead.I didnt notice she was sick earlier.  But before i wanted to pump her into the toilet, She breath abit.  So this what i do.

Put her in Tupperware as shown in picture together with air humidifier add water n mix it with eucalyptus oil and vicks for 15-20 minutes and close the lids. i did that 5 days in a row then warm her up.
She is alive n eating

After a while the BEL are cured and start eating again.  I call her one miracle snakes. Scary after all the breeding effort when your snakes fall sick. Meanwhile, My breeding for this new season are abit late. Thinking to Breed what I actually want to breed and keep only. Still my target.. Blackpastel Mojo Cream. I did try the pairing last season, But no luck..Hopefully this season will get it.. Finger cross. Lastly, Bila tah Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geography wild kan singgah Ke Brunei ani.. Malar dah Reptile show ani. Inda jua datang datang nya.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Ball Python 1st casuality

Araiko Araiko.. pighati. ahas ko patay. Been out of town for few days since I cut this Clutch Eggs. When I came back tonight. All the Ball python die. Damn it. It was lack of air coz i didnt open the lids for few days for the Snakes to breath. Well I wasn't around. Its my mistake.

 6 Babies Ball Python


2 Killer n 1 Bee Among the death

Its the first clutch of the season and the first casualty of the season. All the Python die fat fat. From all the death clutch. I see 1 normal, 1 pastel, 1 Spider, 1 Bumble Bee and 2 Killer.. Two killer.. Shit.. Mati tah jua. oh well. it die by my mistake. Wasted almost 1 year of hard work. Now i learn my lesson. To open the lids at least daily when the snakes ready  to come out of eggs.and if im not around. Ask someone to open it. Anyway, If mati, post tah saja. Learn the mistake. what went wrong. no need hid from people. So other people around trying to breed Ball python knew not to make the same mistake what I did.. Cemana tah jua.. Ke pilipin kali ku ah meliat Midget Boxing..hahaha

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Feeding n more feeding

Long time no update feeding pictures. Just a bit of update of my pets feeding. Most of the snakes offered food strike n whack their food offered except all my adult Ball python.. Hmm all adult female refusing.hehehe, Interesting. Meaning ada lah tu.

Gree Tree Python
Western Hognose
Pueblan Milksnake
Baby Anery CornAnery Corn Snake
Snow Motley Corn Snake
Motley Corn Snake
Hypo Pinstripe
Lessr Platinum
Black Pewter

Most of my Adult female Ball python reject it food.. Good Sign lah tu.. Hehehe. 3 more Corn Snakes clutches expected to hatch this weeks.. Hope some good morph in that clutch la.. Nada snow morph tahun ani.. Panas kali masa ani. Snow nda turun..

Friday, 30 March 2012

Some Reptiles For sale

Long time no blogging eh. I think FB took away my blogging activities. Anyway at least once a month update lah. Its still March at least i don't miss it. Anyway I got few reptiles up for grab. Strictly Email me:

2 hds Adult Male Hognose bnd$400 each firm

Adult Male Ghost Het Motley at Bnd$300

Male Ghost Striped Motley at Bnd$250 Firm

Few heads Classic (Carolina Phase) at Bnd$80 each.

All those animal are available for sale. Please do email me for serious inquiries. Kalau kan main main.. Baik tah main kuchau mu sendiri.. Gerenti jua satisfaction mu sendiri.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

For Sale Corn Snakes

Not going to say much.. All this Babies Corn Snakes are for sale

Normal Corn(3hds Available At Bnd$80 each Firm)
0.1 Motley @ bnd$200 Firm

1.0 Striped Motley @bnd$200 firm

Anery Motley @ bnd$200 each firm.

All this corn are available for sale. email me at Please email for serious enquiries. Mun kan main main.. Baik main PS3 kah? poker kah. Atu baru main main..

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

More Surprise Konon

Another Surprise konon for January. What I'm up too? Biasa saja. As for my reptiles. Breeding had been good for January, All the corn that I breed had all laid eggs. Milksnakes this season. No luck, all Pueblan eggs end up being infertile.

Motley and Ghost Eggs
Anery No:1 Eggs
Amel Stripped, Anery no:2 and Snow eggs

One Ball Python laid an early clutch this year. laid 5 in total but 2 are slug which i throw away.

Ball python eggs

Leopard geckos hatched early this months. Got 1 more still cooking n one egg infertile.

Two SHTCT babies Leopard Geckos

My pinstripe that hatched last few months are getting slightly bigger now. Its shed 3 times so far. From the feeding response I can say. she is one greedy Ball python. Cant wait for her to grow and one day breed her with one of my male BP.

Pinstripe at 189gram

All those Corn and Ball Python eggs are expected to hatch end of February or early March. So please be patient and don't ask how much I'm selling those babies. Wait till it hatch and feeding stably then I tell you. As for now. I'm not physic so I don't know what morph will come out. Its ratio percentage. So that ratio are not always correct.

Recently, I been thinking to add few more species in the collection, Dont know la. Its the crazy of animal keeping lah. Im thinking to keep some eagle and owl. But then some Raptors are protected In Brunei. So wait n see la.

Chinese New year is coming. Is the year of the Dragon. So for all the Chinese People that Celebrate Chinese New Year. I say Advance Gong Xi Fa Cai and Suprise Konon!!!!

Friday, 30 December 2011

Surprise Konon and Happy New Years

Hahaha.. Surprise konon. One of My Motley corn had laid eggs early this season. Leopard geckos also so far had laid 4 eggs. Still got few more corn n milk snakes going to lay eggs soon.

Breeding is still on the way now for Ball Python.. Milk and Corn just waiting for each of it to lay. I recently abit lazy to update la. And also Recently ada anjing kuat menyalak, bitch sana, bitch sini, mensus kali. Kiri, kanan, belakang, dapan, atas, bawah, siring, korner, singgit. Menyalak ganya keraja nya. Alum kana bagi makan jubu ayam kali. In the end, cali jua ku liat, ketawa saja tah pulang ku. kana gtau jan tah melayan anjing menyalak atu. Entertainment tu. Banar jua, ada jua entertainment ku. Syok jua di liat untuk pass time. Happy New Years saja.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Now it the time again for the DST carnival 2011. You all remember last years DST carnival 2010. How was it? This years I was once again invited to exhibits my animal in their carnival for 2011.

Time: Friday 2.30pm till 8.30pm
Saturday: 9.30pm till 9pm
Sunday 9.30am till 6pm

What to expected there? I'm not quite sure on the others section. But in game and entertainment section. Here what I know. Mini Zoo exhibits- Free entrance for all public, Why pay when u can go in for FREE. That the way how you end your animal experience this year. With free viewing FOC. Face Painting- Free for public whom wish to have their face paint. Nerf games- Shoot a target and u might win yourself merchandise sponsor by DST. Guess Game- Guess the weight of Raymond The Burmese - Winner with the correct weight or nearest to the weight could win some prizes. Catch the animal- catch the animal provided n you might win some prizes too and some others games.. Its all free.. Don't miss it.. Where else can you get something for free.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Latest Clutch

I just hatched another clutch. A well satisfying clutch. Not a very good odds but well satisfied clutch indeed. Its from pairing of Pastel x Pinstripe. Female pinstripe drop 5 eggs from that Pairing. From that 5 eggs I got,

0.1 Pinstripe
2.0 Pastel
1.0 Orange Ghost
0.1 Normal.( See the comparison between Ghost on the left and Normal on the Right)

2.3 sex ratio I say, its still okay lah. The odds pairing in book. I should have gotten Lemon Blast. But I miss that out. So now, where the hell that Ghost come from? hehe.. After looking at the possibility. Both parent sure carry the gene of Ghost/Hypo morph. So I miss even greater jackpot. The Ghost Lemon Blast. but never mind. There always next Season. Since both parent carry the gene of ghost meaning all the babies are 66% poss Het Ghost. At least that the bonus.

My Ball Breeding for season 10/11 are finally over. So far this season, I believe I hatched few number of morph. I believe I'm the 1st Bruneian that produce Pastel, Mojave, Lesser Platinum, Ghost, Pinstripe Morph and lot of normal. Prove me wrong. But i doubt I'm wrong, They are other but I did it 1st. woo haa woo haa. Not to mention some other double gene that I hatched too.

Season 11/12 for Ball and Colubrids are on the way now. Let see if more n more snakes born In Brunei next years. So no need to do this pre order pre order or those people yang trying to smuggle ah. Baru ko tahu kana rampas parcel mu. Apa rasa nya? Panas telinga tu eh barang kana rampas. So yang berkenaan atu. Apa Rasa nya? Cuba tah cerita. Atu baru terror. Oh lupa ku mention. Yg dinosour befacial atu. Ambil tah ko eh show arah keraja mu atu. Asak tah ko eh. Nda payah nipu gtau NADA if kan mengambil event atu. Agatah asak uleh mu. Lebih baik ku tidur.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Normal Ball Python

U heard about the craze of Ball Python Mutation? Those Banana, Orange Dream, Fire, Ultramel, Albino etc and those double gene, tripe gene like Blue Eyed Leucistic, Super Black Pastel, Queenbee, Killer Bee, Butter Spinner. Those just insane mutation. But for newbie. Keeping high end designer ball python as 1st timer. Hmm i wont recommend that unless u sure know how to take care of it.

As for beginner or 1st timer in keeping Ball python. My recommend will be a regular normal Ball to start with. Why? its Cheap n affordable. But unless u want spend thousand for designer mutation ofcoz, then go buy those designer morph.

My 1st Normal Ball Python Male
One of many Female Ball I keep

Babies Normal Ball Python
Normal Ball python

I have this Normal Babies Ball Python for sale. male n female available. If u interested. Email me at Be quick, It will be gone very soon. If booked..hmm.. 1st come 1st serve lah..

Recently people ask.. eh Marvin. Napa ko nda buat show? My answer: Im not crocodile, asal offer ambil. asal offer ambil. Bailk balik jua show ani. Baik nda buring orang karang? I rejected few show.. antah 4-5 kali udah this year. So crocodile yg menugap. Crocodiles bah, althou bapa ku pelihara banyak buaya, reptiles jua tu. I make one time this year. Atu pun give face, mun inda, malas tah ku. Walau pun kan promo, nda jua payah ku balik balik kan di tunjuk kan, sama jua tu karang binatang nya and also I done it all. Got nothing to prove. I will do it. But see the right timing lah. once in a while okay lah. Liat lah cemana. one more thing, Yg two face atu. Baik tah bawa facial mua atu, Bida usul nya macam dinasour, pun reptiles jua tu. olo.